Legacy systems integration

Problem definition

A large corporate group in the Middle East having over 1000 retail outlets in 7 countries has launched its loyalty program for their customers. The loyalty program has more than 3 million members. The customers can participate in the loyalty program and can earn points by shopping at their many participating outlets and redeem for rewards and discounts. For the reward point calculation, the system needs to have all transaction details to be sent to a central server (Seibel CRM) which keeps track of the reward point earned and redeemed. Sending the transaction details in real time would not be possible for the hundreds of store which were running on the POS legacy system. The POS system was developed in FoxPro for use on Novel NetWare platform. As the underlying technologies are very old (FoxPro, DOS, Novel NetWare) and do not support to the modern communication protocols and standards, there was no ready-made / robust solution for the integration of these stores with the loyalty program.

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Maven Systems being the technological hub for the older technologies such as FoxPro, Visual basic, Delphi and also the newer technologies, comes up with a .Net based middleware service solution. The service reads the data from the FoxPro DBF files and transforms it to Seibel CRM XML format and sends to the Seibel CRM server for further processing. On receiving the response from the Seibel CRM, it converts back the response to the dbf which is then used by POS legacy system for further processing. Looking at the user environment in the outlets, the service has built-in support for:

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middleware services
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