Automotive electronics and firmware design services

Automotive landscape

With "connected car" initiatives, automotive industry is moving towards a unique integration of robust hardware, Android based firmware, and connectivity with smart phones. In addition they aim at optional Internet connectivity, GPS navigation, media player integration, vehicle internal parameters monitoring, timely reminders for servicing / oil change etc.

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Electronics / hardware

Firmware / embedded software

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Maven Systems has extensive experience and expertise to provide solution for in-the-vehicle electronics and firmware. The most important design consideration is related to safety and reliability of the electronics, which can be achieved by selecting appropriate automotive qualified components, filter design and surge protection device.

AEC Q100 is the standard developed by major automotive manufacturers and suppliers that govern the qualification requirements and procedures. It is important to use automotive-ready part numbers in these solutions.

The device installed would derive power supply from battery connected to alternator circuit; which means the device is subjected to all automotive spikes and surges / transients during crank, load dump, acceleration etc. The level of noise is very high and can potentially damage the electronic part of your device. Maven has extensively worked and designed solution to protect electronics from all possible noise types coming from vehicle supply lines. The surge protection circuit includes appropriate inductors, capacitors, choke, TVS and fuses.

At Maven we are well aware of standards required for automotive compliance which includes EMI / EMC, Radiated Emission (RE), Radiated Interference (RI), Conducted Emission (CE), Conducted Transient Emission, Conducted Immunity, ESD, EFT, Surge, environmental test like vibration, thermal , HALT etc

On the firmware side, Maven has developed various systems to cover CANbus connectivity, GPS functionality, and Internet connectivity using GPRS / 3G. The firmware developed is typically very reliable with special attention to being fail-safe, with self-diagnostics and automatic recovery.

Connectivity includes easy pairing with Bluetooth on user's smart phones, also making available WiFi access points, reverse camera integration, media player for music, dashboard for display of all internal parameters of the vehicles and so on. A separate set of applications on Android and Apple smart phones give easy access to functionality such as media player, navigation, alerts / reminders for vehicle maintenance and so on.

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To use this expertise

Contact Maven for further details and to discuss your specific requirement. We are experts in building solutions / products / platforms for automotive space using our past experience and expertise. We can reduce your time to market, multiple iterations, and make all the skills - hardware, firmware, mobile - available under one roof.

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