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LocateNTrack - Cold Chain Logistics

Refrigerated truck monitoring solution


Key advantages

  • Minute-by-minute temperature report while the truck is on the road
  • Alert in case the cargo door is opened at unauthorized location
  • Alert in case of route deviation, unauthorized stop
  • Ensure that trucks operate on the designated route
  • Works in offline recording mode in case of no GSM / GPRS
  • Immobilizer function to lock and unlock the engine from your mobile to prevent vehicle theft

Useful for transportation of

  • Frozen food
  • Perishable goods like fruits / vegetables with a life span of a week
  • Food items like ice-creams that require cold storage
  • Vaccines and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals
  • Health products


  • Refrigerated containers / trucks / vans
  • Fleet management of cold storage vehicles
  • Catering trucks

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Stay in touch with your cargo, always!

  • Instant SMS notifications on crucial events
    • Temperature goes beyond threshold values
    • Truck deviates from preset route
    • Refrigerated container doors are opened at unauthorized location
    • Unscheduled stops due to breakdown or any other reason
  • Real-time monitoring
    • Real-time location tracking of vehicles using digital maps
    • Real time temperature monitoring with programmable time intervals
  • Reports
    • Minute by minute temperature history during complete travel time
    • Refrigerator compressor ON / OFF report
    • Print or export to Excel
    • Trip report with analysis of routes taken, stops, unscheduled stops
Ask for more details or call 020-32403635