Embedded applications

This page gives you a summary of our expertise in embedded application development. You may want to use a convenient jump table if you want to directly jump to a topic of your interest.


  • UI development: Android, iPhone, QT, Windows CE, firmware based graphical UI framework
  • Protocols: BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks,CANbus
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, NFC, RF, GPS, RFID, Power line communication (PLC), ZigBee


  • Smart meter / automatic meter reading (AMR)
  • Lighting control
  • Vehicle / personal tracking and logistics using GPS
  • Remote health monitoring of data centers, cell phone towers (BTS shelters), generators (DG sets)
AMR Automatic meter reading (AMR):

Maven combines the experience mentioned above to design automatic meter reading (AMR) solutions for various utilities such as gas or electricity. These solutions have accessible range up to 0.5 kms and with help of specialized algorithms up to tens of kilometers. These solutions can support older meters which may be totally mechanical or have older proprietary protocols.

lighting control Lighting control:

Maven gives you finer control over your commercial lighting, street lighting, and campus lighting. To save on wiring cost, single switch controls multiple fixtures or lights. This results in waste of electricity. With cost of electricity increasing every year and given the shortage of electricity generation in the country, Maven enables you have control of every fixture and every light via its wireless solution. This retrofit solution reduces up to 30% of your electricity usage and achieves cost break-even in 12 months.

audio video Audio / video:

For sending heavy traffic of audio / video streaming from cameras to control station, local servers and web servers, Maven supports connectivity via Ethernet, WiFi as well as 3G and GPRS. Decoding digital streams and displaying them on analog / digital LCDs for live surveillance applications on commercially available LCDs is made possible with resolutions of CIF / QVGA / VGA. Protocols such as RTP/RTSP, SIP and VoIP are implemented for various applications.

protocol gateways Protocols support:

Maven's expertise in industrial protocols encompasses Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP, BACnet/MSTP, BACnet/IP, CANbus, LonWorks. This is used to develop applications such as data acquisition systems, chiller controllers, protocol converters and so on.

rf Wireless:

Maven has vast experience in variety of wireless technologies. We have implemented green energy initiatives with use of ZigBee. Large number of nodes and use of mesh algorithm were the highlights of this solution.

remote communication Remote communication:

Various Maven projects feature support for single or dual GSM and 3G modules. This allows transfer of data over large distances. GPS integration provides support for logistics requirements.

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