Enterprise applications

This page gives you a summary of our expertise in enterprise application development. You may want to use a convenient jump table if you want to directly jump to a topic of your interest.

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  • E-commerce web portals plus mobile interface
  • Meter data management for smart meters
  • Remote data monitoring applications(M2M)
  • Enterprise application development in .Net, Java
  • Social networking interface to Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Cloud computing

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Maven has extensively worked on HTML5 and Flex that give you desktop like experience on web browsers. We have developed rich user interfaces for industrial automation, logistics and transportation, automated meter reading, car infotainment, lighting control, access control, security and many other domains. We have deep knowledge on major platforms like Adobe Flex, JavaFx, Microsoft Silverlight, HTML5, and Ajax.

We use in-house graphics design team and usability experts for building UI.

Enterprise ui

Maven Systems provides you with high performance applications that are reliable and scalable. We have a strong expertise in developing applications that can be used for remote asset monitoring and social networking. With the help of our experienced Java, J2EE and C# .Net development teams, we deliver enterprise solutions to various industries. We have excellent knowledge of web application servers such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, Tomcat, jetty, JBoss, GlassFish, Web Logic and more.

enterprise cloud

We are adept at creating database plan that fits business functions and estimating size of database - a factor that plays a very important role post deployment. Database normalization, integrity protection and performance optimizations are key aspects which we consider during the design phase.

Maven has worked on Microsoft SQL server, MySQL server, Postgres SQL server, Oracle SQL server.

enterprise db

We have developed proficiency on Java and .Net based remoting and web messaging technologies. These technologies aid in connecting with back-end servers seamlessly for delivering rich content and also help in pushing data in real-time, thus, increasing the performance exponentially.

We have a rich experience in building highly responsive push applications using BlazeDS and FluorineFX.

enterprise web

Streaming on demand (archived) and live audio / video were never in so much demand than now! We have developed web based applications that deliver rich multimedia content. We have experience in building flash servers that can support major video formats such as FLV, F4V and MP4 and audio formats such as MP3, F4A and M4A. We also have developed applications for live video streaming, live publishing (broadcast live multimedia) and delivering video on demand that allows you to jump anywhere in the video without the need of downloading complete video.

We have also integrated Red5 open source streaming server.

Case studies

  • Middleware for legacy system (FoxPro, VB, Novel NetWare) integration with Siebel CRM.
  • Web based vehicle tracking system with photo and video evidence and extensive reporting.
  • Intranet based access controller system with two-way voice communication.
  • Internet based remote monitoring portal with dynamic screen builder library.
  • Desktop based test jig used in production testing (factory automation).