Get complete control of your generators:

With GeoHEMS, multiple authorized users can now remotely determine the status of the generators from anywhere, reducing the need for costly service calls and on-site visits. GeoHEMS' M2M (machine to machine) 24/7 monitoring solution increases the reliability of your generators by eliminating 95% of all Shutdown / Fail-to-Start situations. Our cost-effective controllers connect to ALL major brands of generators and are Modbus compatible for access to diagnostic information directly from the generator.

Monitor from anywhere and everywhere

DG monitoring system is a must for you if:

  • You use DGs in mining operations
  • You use generators for telecom towers
  • You use DGs for construction / infrastructure projects
  • You use DGs in manufacturing plants
  • You use DGs as a standby power option in commercial premises / data centers /health care etc.

Stop operational losses!

  • Know your spending on fuel by having detailed analysis of fuel used, fuel filled and fuel removed! No dependency on erroneous and mostly dishonest manual records

GeoHEMS a comprehensive DG monitoring solution helps to monitor generators using a field proven technology. GeoHEMS has been tested on Cummins, CAT, TATA, Mahindra and other numerous other brands sets. Remote fuel monitoring is done with the help of GPRS technology, which is used for transferring data to the remote servers. With GeoHEMS you can adhere to best practices suggested by OEMs and keep your generator healthy and running all the time!


Get optimum units per litre

Load and fuel economy relation:

Know the exact load patterns and ensure that you take action on underperforming generators. Get insights into your generator operations by knowing:

  • kWh/litre ratio – thus monitoring every penny you spend for generation of electricity
  • Total units generated on daily / monthly weekly basis
  • Minute by minute load patterns
load and fuel

Prevent diesel theft:

Fuel costs over 60% of total costs of operations and with ever increasing diesel prices saving every drop of fuel was never so important. GeoHEMS helps in detecting fuel thefts. Diesel is typically stolen by filling in less fuel than claimed. By detecting the exact amount of diesel filled we ensure your staff is now 100% accountable for every penny!

Improve DG performance:

Monitor key DG performance metrics like

If performance falls, you can take timely actions to bring performance back to acceptable level.

Reduce maintenance costs:

Get automatic maintenance alerts in form of SMS and emails for servicing and maintenance. Also, always know the

Available models

Basic model

If you are not worried about fuel thefts but only downtimes or overlapping run hours use our basic system model and get to know

Fuel monitoring

If diesel theft is your major concern then use the fuel monitoring model

Energy monitoring

If you are not getting the desired output then use the energy monitoring mode

Comprehensive monitoring

If your generator supports RS232 or RS485 communication port. We can provide you can club the fuel monitoring solution with it for overall monitoring of your generators. You can get to know

Rental diesel generators monitoring

Problems faced:

  1. DG downtimes damages reputation and increases customer dissatisfaction.
  2. High fuel bills when fuel is in your scope.
  3. Customers complain about fuel economy.


  1. Improper and un-timely maintenance are main culprits of DG set breakdowns. Wrong information about hours of operation usually leads to this problem.
  2. DG set running on overload / under-load conditions are the basic reasons for bad fuel economy of a diesel generator.
  3. Customers provide wrong and inflated bills of diesel usage leading to operational losses.


Using GeoHEMS' diesel generator monitoring system you can know monitor your generators from anywhere and keep tab on day-today operations with ease. Here is how you can tackle the problems:

  1. Using GeoHEMS' energy + fuel monitoring solution you can now know exact fuel consumption and energy generation patterns. You can co-relate these two and obtain kWh/liter ratio (i.e. units generated per liter). Using this you can have a scientific evidence to resolve bad fuel economy complaints.
  2. Using the hour meter reader (HMR) monitoring functionality of GeoHEMS, you can always keep track of hours of operation. The preventive maintenance program uses the HMR and you get alerts and notifications well ahead of time to ensure that maintenance of backhoe loaders is done properly and on time, every time.
  3. With the fuel monitoring system you can keep a check on diesel fillings and get a monthly report of how much diesel was filled, you can easily verify if the customer has produced right bills and thus save on your profits.

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