Analyze equipment productivity

  • View daily equipment usage patterns
  • Find out day on which equipment has not worked
  • Find out days on which equipment has overworked
  • Compare shift hours Vs. actual work hours and find out average equipment usage on daily basis using summary reports
  • For twin engines find out master slave engine work analysis
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Monitor fleet productivity

  • View equipment usage and productive hours for desired number of days
  • Find out total number of hours an equipment (or set of equipment) has worked and thus making client billing process a simple error / discrepancy free process
  • Import equipment run time into SAP systems.
  • Get the best and worst performing equipment
    • Find out all under-performing equipment
    • Find out all overworked equipment
  • Find out equipment not worked for more than 'X' days. For example, find out equipment that has not worked for more than 3 days.
  • Pie-charts for finding non-working, idle and actual work hours

Detailed ON / OFF time analysis

  • Details of when the machine was switched ON and OFF
  • Time for which machine was switched ON every cycle

Monitor site productivity

  • Monitoring equipment usage at every site.
  • Check how many hours during a period the equipment has worked on select sites and make customer billing a straightforward and easy process.
  • Identify locations and instances where equipment has worked out of desired locations.

Easy-to-use reports with quick filters

  • Accordion similar to Microsoft Outlook for easy access. Helps you view following reports on a single click for
    • Day-wise / week-wise / month-wise and custom date reports
  • Report filters to zero down on desired list equipment. Filters based on
    • Date, time and equipment
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