Dump Truck Monitoring Solutions

Benefits of using Remote Transit mixer Monitoring solution from GeoHEMS!

Save on fuel costs by monitoring fuel usage and possible thefts - Read more...
Keep quality of concrete by monitoring transit mixer engines - Read more...
Increase performance and productivity by monitoring the distance travelled / trips made - Read more...
Reduce maintenance costs with help of preventive maintenance - Read more...
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Monitor your fuel spending / thefts using the best fuel algorithm

The fuel algorithm used by GeoHEMS solution is developed by a team of highly qualified engineers! After over 24 months of field trials and rigorous testing we present you with a world class solution! Key aspects of fuel monitoring include:

Use the trip monitoring feature to monitor driver performance

Productivity of fleet operators is determined by the number of trips made and how efficiently trips were made. GeoHEMS helps you track each and every trip made by the transit mixer.

How can you increase productivity of your transit mixers?

With GeoHEMS you can monitor your transit mixer wherever it is! You can be in total control of your transit mixers with remote monitoring. Instantaneous alerts help in reducing downtimes and accurate data helps you analyze and determine performance and abuse of transit mixers.

GeoHEMS is a remote monitoring solution helps to monitor transit mixers using a proven technology. We use highly accurate fuel sensors and to give you up to 98% accuracy! Remote fuel monitoring is done with the help of GPRS technology, which is used for transferring data to the remote servers.

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Prevent fuel theft:

Fuel costs over 60% of total costs of operations and with ever increasing diesel prices saving every drop of fuel was never so important. You can now monitor the fuel usage by knowing daily fuel used, hourly fuel usage and deviations if any. GeoHEMS also helps in detecting possible fuel thefts. Fuel is typically stolen by filling in less fuel than claimed. By detecting the exacting amount of fuel filled we ensure your staff is now 100% accountable for every penny! Thus know,

Maintain quality of concrete:

Increase performance:

Monitoring is the first step towards tighter control and it eventually leads in increasing the overall performance. With GeoHEMS you can monitor both the productivity of your transit mixers by monitoring:

Summary and detailed break-ups of trips made are available. Exact location and time of unscheduled stops can also be monitored. SMS can be sent in case of unscheduled stops.

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Reduce maintenance costs:

Get automatic maintenance alerts ahead of time in form of SMS and emails for servicing and maintenance.

Also, always know the

GeoHEMS equipment care and preventive maintenance program thus helps in reducing unexpected downtimes, overall maintenance cost and fuel consumption.

You can also get regulator document renewal reminders for taxes, permits, insurance, pollution certificates, etc. are provided via SMS or emails.

Available models

Classic model

If you are not worried about fuel thefts but only downtimes or extra work hours is your basic problem where your operators cannot be trusted, use our classic model and get to know

Fuel monitoring

If fuel theft is your major concern then use the fuel monitoring model. You will get all the features of classic models and additionally you will get to know:

Remote immobilizer option

If you think your transit mixers are being used by unauthorized personnel after work hours or on holidays you can remotely immobilize those by using the immobilizer option.

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