Increase operational efficiency of your construction sites!!!

Key benefits

Monitor all your construction / infrastructure development equipment fleet to get complete control of your fleet!
Monitor on road and off road equipment for fuel consumption and productivity analysis

Why GeoHEMS?

  • In-house design, development and manufacturing expertise
  • Web and smart phones as end user touch points
  • Customizations to suit your business needs
  • Analytical teams to help increase productivity with statistical data

Apart from just cost cutting and precise control of your construction fleet, GeoHEMS give more value adds to fulfill your business needs. Read more to learn how you can upscale your business with GeoHEMS.

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Instant benefits

Monitor the productivity of your entire fleet sitting in office, you can get to know:

  • How every excavator in the fleet is performing.
  • Energy output of diesel generators.
  • Efficiency of cranes.

Get weekly and monthly productivity reports in form of emails, smart phone applications or even print reports in couriered format.

Direct saving by monitoring fuel usage, especially thefts. GeoHEMS helps detect fuel thefts in following forms:

  • Siphoning off fuel from the fuel tanks.
  • Less amount of fuel filled.
  • Operating the equipment in idle mode.

Also get the fuel usage analysis by:

  • Knowing your daily spending of fuel for the entire fleet.
  • Cost split of fuel usage by type of equipment.
  • Drill down and find out fuel consumption of all the equipment in details.
construction and infra
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Cut down on unauthorized use of equipment on sites

Using engine immobilizers, geo-fencing, time fencing you can stop unauthorized equipment usage and increase the productivity.

Ensure highest productivity by reducing downtimes:

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Long term benefits

GeoHEMS reporting features help you detect trends and patterns, diagnose failures, and monitor and improve operator performance!

Optimize the number of equipment on the site and use excess equipment at other sites:

Operator productivity analysis - Reward the best working operators and reprimand the worst performing ones!

Determine by statistical comparisons the machines from various makes and models for parameters like:

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These are data points that help you buy the best performing machines for future needs!

Features in nutshell

Fuel monitoring:

More on monitoring fuel

Monitor operations hours:

More on monitoring productivity / work hours

Trip monitoring:

More on trip monitoring

Operator productivity:

More on operators monitoring

Location monitoring:

More on location monitoring


More on dashboards

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GeoHEMS technology - Classic solution!


How solution works:

GeoHEMS supports various device models for construction equipment. Generalized specifications are provided below.

  • Quad band GSM module.
  • Low energy consumption in deep sleep mode.
  • Internal rechargeable battery for tamper.
  • Sensor interfaces.
  • 4 digital inputs.
    • 2 digital outputs.
    • 3 analog inputs.
    • RS485 / RS232 interface for camera, energy meters and additional inputs and outputs.
  • 3 bi-color LED indicators for power, GSM and GPS.

Server software features:

  • Specialized fuel monitoring to take care of:
    • Fuel sloshing.
    • False spikes.
    • Up-slopes / down-slopes.
  • Optimized file transfer algorithm:
    • Camera images.
    • Historical data collected at times when there is no GSM connectivity.
  • SMS / email alerts
    • Instant alerts in case of problems.
    • Special care for avoiding false alarms.
  • Filters for location tracking
    • Special DOP filters for best in class location accuracy.