Fuel monitoring

Fuel consumption analysis

Analyze fuel usage of equipment

  • View daily fuel consumption patterns
  • Find out average hourly fuel usage
  • Find out average daily fuel usage
  • Know days with maximum fuel consumption
  • Compare fuel consumption with engine run hours

Analyze fuel usage of your fleet

  • Find out total fuel filled on day / certain into all equipment on a site
  • Relate and analyze quantity fuel filled, used and fuel removed and check if fuel is being used virtuously
    • Sort equipment from highest to lowest fuel economy and vice-versa. Also,
    • Similarly, sort equipment on the basis of fuel filledand used
  • Compare and verify monthly fuel bills Vs. actual fuel usage
  • Compare fuel usage with other similar models
  • Find out operators and their fuel usage patterns

Detailed filling and removal analysis

  • Know total fuel filled and removed during the day
  • Get detailed analysis including time and quantity of fuel filled
  • Bifurcate fuel consumption Vs. fuel usage so that you get precise fuel consumption data


Relate fuel with RPM

  • Relate fuel consumption with RPM to dig into usage patterns
  • Check out if low fuel usage is because of idle RPMs


Easy-to-use reports with custom filters

  • Accordion similar to Microsoft Outlook for easy access. Helps you view following reports on a single click for
    • Day-wise / week-wise / month-wise and custom date reports
  • Report filters to zero down on desired list equipment. Filters based on
    • Date, time and equipment