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It's all about the user experience not just user interface!!!

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You have ideas that may earn money or add value to your organization and you are looking for a maven - an expert to help you out? Yes, your question is your answer - MAVEN!!!

Our role doesn't end just after successful delivery of an application - We also provide support for application enhancements and porting on newer platforms.

We at Maven Systems have a strong, versatile and dedicated iOS development team to bring your ideas to fruition. Our strengths include:

  1. Providing 'integrated solutions' for various business needs.
  2. Providing 'stand alone applications' for already existing solutions / products.
  3. Quick 'Proof of Concepts' to get rid of the RFP process that helps in quick decision making and also reduced time to market.

Feel the difference, don't just see it!

  • Rich and intuitive user interface using core animation and Quartz 2D framework
  • Application development using standard and custom UI libraries
  • User interface design using considering
    • End user: Demography, age and culture
    • User touch points: Screen size, single multi-touch
  • Multithreaded and operation queue based application for interactive user experience
  • Integration of push notifications
  • In-App purchase

Technical competencies

  • Core development
    • Extensive knowledge of iOS SDK, Objective C and Xcode
    • Custom application and widgets development
    • Intuitive user interface with 2D /3D animation / graphics support
  • Integration / porting / migration
    • iPhone to iPad
    • Android / Symbian to iOS
    • Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter
    • Various other 3rd party web services / SOAP / XML
  • Effective use of persistent data with SQLite and core data

Frameworks supported

  • UIKit
  • Audio / video integration
  • Security
  • iAd and adwords integration
  • Mapkit and location based services
  • JSON / XML / SOAP based HTTP-HTTPS communication
  • In-App purchase
  • Local and push notifications
  • Authorization services
  • Certificate, key and trust Services
  • Keychain services
  • Secure transport

Case studies

Secure email client for mobiles and tablets

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iPhone / iPad based M2M application with support for user analytics

  • Secured authentication using SSL (HTTPS)
  • Use of SQLite for storing offline application data storage assisting in quick access
  • Universal application available on iPhone and iPad
  • On the go notifications of alerts / alarms with user acknowledgement option
  • Real time parameter status updates
  • Use of core animation for screen transition and highlighting out of range values
  • Graphical reports and parameter trends using line graphs using custom libraries