Monitor My Meter - M3

Maven System's tiny yet powerful RF module is designed for integration with various type of AMR ready water meters ensuring quick time to market. It covers a large area up-to 700m with point-to-point communication. It is possible to further extend the coverage using mesh algorithm. The efficient power management implementation has resulted in providing long lasting battery life of up to 12 years.

Our design expertise and development services have helped meter manufacturers by providing wireless AMR solution using their existing mechanical meters.The design of RF boards is flexible to adapt to different meter requirements. We provide assistance to perform a form-factor cycle to fit the board in existing space of AMR enabled meters, customization of RF board firmware as per meter protocol and input type.


Type of AMR ready meters already integrated

  • Rotating partial metal dial.
  • Mechanical dial.
  • Digital pulse from meter.

Data collection

  • Walk by meter.
  • HHU based solution.
  • DCU based solution.
  • PLC based solution.
  • GPRS based solution.

Report generation

  • Enterprise application.
  • Export to USB drive with CSV, excel format.
  • SMS / e-mail for alerts or end of day reports.

RF module specifications

  • Wide range (More than 500m).
  • Mesh enabled for enhancing range up tp
  • Frequency - 865-868MHz.
  • Small size form-factor.
  • Long battery life - 10+ years.
  • Magnetic scan interface.
  • Reverse flow detection.
  • Leakage detection.
  • Magnetic tamper detection.
  • Meter break / tamper detection.
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Type of AMR ready meters already integrated

  • Collects consumption details from meters using:
    • Optical readers
    • Pulse based meters
    • Serial / UART based meters
  • Transfers data wirelessly to gateways / concentrators / PDA using:

Gateways / concentrators / PDAs

  • Communicates with multiple meters over ZigBee / proprietary RF / PLC.
  • Transfers the data to web server using GSM / GPRS. Has storage facility for storing records in case the connectivity is lost.
  • Handheld PDA to collect data manually but wirelessly over RF and then connect the handheld to the central computer.

Web application

  • Data collection and processing from all gateways.
  • Different access roles for consumers / operators / managers / administrators.
  • Automated billing, payment portal integration and many other reports.
  • Analysis and audit to find out water leaks and thefts.
  • End user touch points such as :
    • Browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, etc.).
    • Smart phones (Blackberry, iPhones, Android phones).
    • Tablets (iPads, Android tabs).
ZB_meter_band walkBy ZB_GPRS_band zero_wires ZB_gprs_band powerLine