Electricity meters


ZigBee based RF communication modules
Fits inside the electricity meter to make it wireless smart meters.


DCU (Data concentrator units)
90V - 240V AC powered fixed location unit - collects data from meters and transfers to web server using GPRS, Wi-Fi or Ethernet.


HHU (Hand held units) / CMRI (Common meter reading instruments)
Battery operated device which enables one to collect meter data using 'walk-by' method.


BCS (Base computer software)
Desktop software which collects data from all the HHUs and exports it to Utility company's billing software.


MDM (Meter data management) software
Cloud based software which collects data from DCU / BCS and allows tracking of individual meter reading.


90V - 240V AC powered module used to transfer data from one location to another, effectively extending the reach of the network.

Benefits to you
  • Easy implementation of your smart meter protocol
  • Easy hardware integration with your electricity smart meters
  • Complete solution under one roof
  • Support during pilots, submission to utility companies
Key technologies
  • ZigBee (2.4 GHz, 868 MHz)
  • Mesh algorithm
  • 865-867 MHz
  • Long range up to 5 kms
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Overall solution features ZigBee communication modules RF communication module Long range RF communication module Hand held units (HHU) / common metering reading instrument (CMRI) Base computer software (BCS) Data concentrator units (DCU) Meter data management (MDM) software Repeaters