Industrial automation

Key benefits
  1. Avoid massive wiring cost for communication.
  2. Reduce maintenance and operational cost.
  3. Scalable and suitable for long pipe length and larger area coverage.
  4. Helps to reduce recurring cost, with single SIM card.
  5. Customized solutions are available as per requirement from design to delivery for OEMs.
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How it works?
  1. WiART series of low power radio frequency modules (LPRF) connected with pipeline data logger over serial port to make it wireless.
  2. WiART module connected to data logger will communicate with data concentrator unit placed in field station room or control room over RF.
  3. Data concentrator unit communicates with WiART near to wind data logger over LPRF and communicates with the cloud server over GPRS network.
  4. One data concentrator unit support up to 300 WiART -LPRF nodes and supports up to 50 hops for large area coverage.
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