Automated street lighting

Automated street lighting solution

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Maven's street lighting solution gives you the capability to remote monitor, and control street lights, in a fail-proof way. The solution has Internet connectivity in order to upload data to cloud application, to enable remote monitoring. The data can be accessed from smart phones as well. The solution allows you to schedule the different operations of light, according to time of day. This helps in minimizing human interference with daily operations. The solution maintains historical data in order to help you make informed business decisions based on consumption patterns.

Key benefits

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  • Supports mesh network and hopping of data for large coverage of 100s of KMs.
  • Electricity saving modes,
    • Time based scheduling and ON / OFF control with day light harvesting
    • Pre-defined templates for one in two, one in three or customized ON / OFF
    • Override support to ON / OFF individual lights as required
    • Light sensors input based control (optional)
  • Easy to install, plug-n-play retrofit solution.
  • Secure cloud based graphical user interface for collecting real time data with an ability to export data in CSV format for further analysis.
  • Support for smart phone for monitoring, remote controlling and scheduling.
  • Fault detection alarms and events using email / SMS.
  • Daily / monthly / weekly reports:
    • Electricity consumption.
    • ON / OFF audit reports.
    • Fault and error notification.
    • User activity report.
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How it works?

As mentioned above the solution comes in two types, the feeder level solution and individual light control solution.

The feeder level solution makes use of a feeder panel to control lights in a phase wise manner. To find out more about the feeder level solution click here.

The individual light control solution makes use of Maven's WiART Low Powered Radio Frequency (LPRF) modules. These modules are installed on each light pole in order to control them. To find out more about individual light control solution click here.

Application areas

  • Street lighting
  • Periphery / campus lighting
  • Parks
  • Townships / gated communities
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Hazardous locations
  • Industrial lighting
  • Mines
  • Pathway / Roadway
  • Warehouse / Parking Lot
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