Maven's smart metering solution is an end-to-end indigenous solution, to convert your existing meters into smart meters. There are no changes to hardware or protocol of your existing meters, and no additional cost of wiring or maintenance. All the data collected is uploaded to the cloud application and can be remote monitored to make informed business decisions, and to find consumption patterns. The solution has been deployed and tested in Asia. The problems that Maven has faced, and solved include dense meter population, complicated topologies and various tampering possibilities.

Maven's smart metering solution provides you with:

One stop shop for smart metering

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MonitorMyMeter - A single solution for all your smart metering needs

Cost effective smart metering solutions

Maven is a one-stop-shop for converting your existing electricity meters into smart meters. We have our own wireless modules that are used to transfer data wirelessly. The module is integrated with any existing meter with no change to hardware and protocol. Data collection procedures include Data Concentrator Units and Hand Held Units, depending upon your choice. We provide end-to-end solution for smart metering.

Wireless smart meter modules with great range and maximum flexibility

The wireless modules have been designed and developed by Maven. These indigenous data transfer units are fitted onto existing meters to extend wireless capabilities to existing meters. These modules are frequency agnostic and work without any change to the existing hardware or protocol. In case you want to buy a few modules for testing purposes, they are available on

GMS / GPRS enabled smart meter modules

For equipment in remote location enabling a mesh network and controlling multiple devices via single Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) is not an option. As a result, Maven enables such remotely located, stand-alone devices with GPRS capabilities in order to upload their collected data to the cloud application.

GPRS / Ethernet based data concentrators / gateways for meter data collection

Maven's Data Concentrator Units (DCU) have connection backbones of either GPRS, 3G, Ethernet or Wi-Fi, depending upon your requirement. As a single DCU can control multiple meters, enabling Internet connectivity to the DCU helps keeps the cost in check, as against to extending Internet connectivity to each meter.

Key highlights include:

"Walk-by" smart meter data collection

Maven's 'walk-by' solution involves a Hand Held Unit (HHU) for data collection. The HHU, needs a dedicated member to operate. It can be used for wide variety of purposes including diagnostics, data collection and commissioning.

Key highlights of the solution include:

Cloud enabled MDM software

Maven provides you with not only the means to collect data of your smart meters but also to view the data remotely. Maven's cloud application is an indigenously developed application that can be accessed by both browser and mobile phone. All the data that has been collected on the field is uploaded to this application.

Key highlights include:



Maven has developed and delivered multiple projects based on ZigBee technology. We have worked on ZigBee Pro 2012, and have even made customizations to the MAC layer of ZigBee. These modules have been used for monitoring and controlling appliances. We have also integrated third party devices, sensors and gateways. We have customized a wide variety of features to make our ZigBee solutions more viable for the field scenario.

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Sub-1 GHz modules

The Sub-1 GHz module has been developed specifically for better range and higher data transfer rates. The Sub-1 GHz module is a free band, and can be used by anyone for RF data transfer. Coupled with the Smartt Mesh protocol, it is one of the best possible solutions for smart metering.

Key highlights include:

2.4 GHz modules

The 2.4 GHz is developed for ZigBee based solutions. The 2.4 GHz band is a free band as regulated by the FCC. It can be used all over the world to transfer data over RF.

SmartMesh protocol

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Maven has developed a highly optimized mesh protocol called as the Smartt Mesh protocol. The protocol can be used for a wide variety of domains including smart metering, industrial automation, and street lighting. It is a lightweight, low energy, robust protocol that helps you to optimize the cost of network.

Over-the-air upgrade / remote diagnostics

In large deployments, upgrading the firmware or configuration using manual staff, is a big expense. Also human intervention brings about a large number of errors into the process. Remote upgradation of the wireless modules helps in keeping errors to minimum and achieveing the task in least possible time and cost.

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Repeaters are used to increase the range of the wireless modules. They are especially useful in field scenarios where modules are placed at a great distance from each other.