M2M2H - Machine to Maven to Human

A unified framework for connecting your devices seamlessly!

Maven System's remote monitoring solution is a customizable framework targeted towards numerous application areas.

It is a 'hardware + software' solution that can easily mould itself in domain specific requirements. GSM, GPRS and low range RF based M2M (Machine to Maven) controllers and an extremely powerful software M2H (Maven to Human) framework combine to form a reliable remote monitoring solution. The human experience is such that every user is convinced that the application is specially crafted considering his (industry) problem statements.

Tags: Remote monitoring and control, asset monitoring, sensors, security, trend analysis, remote diagnostics, over the air upgrade, screen builder, web based SCADA, M2M, protocols Modbus, BACnet, M-bus

Typical offerings that every one offers

  • Gateways / concentrators to connect to field devices over standard protocols and send data over GSM / GPRS.
  • Instant alerts / alarms notifications over SMS / email.
  • A web application that collects data from all field controllers and stores in the database.
  • Generalized reports for parameter / alarm analysis.

Value added offerings by Maven

  • Support for customized / proprietary protocols on gateways.
  • Remote health check and diagnostics.
  • Over the air firmware / configuration upgrade options.
  • On the go connectivity with mobile and tablet applications.
  • Local data storage in case of connectivity loss - so no records are lost.
  • IO handling with support of general purpose analog and digital IOs.
  • Options for choosing complete solution or just part of solutions.
  • Flexible web hosting options to suit your needs and pockets.
    • For small number of devices Maven does the hosting.
    • For large number of installations customer can choose to host application!

1. User experience scada

  • Rich graphical user interface with multilingual support.
  • Graphical representation with animation support and ultra user friendly dashboard.
  • Drill down view for area (state / city), site and device wise mapping of parameters.
  • Integration of digital maps for infrastructure view and better visibility - one shot view of multiple sites spanned across geographies.
  • Highly customizable screen builder with rich component library for building application specific screens.

2. Analytics and reports

  • Parameter trend analysis for early fault detection.
  • dashboard
  • Alarm summary reports isolating the good, bad and ugly devices.
  • User activity report to keep track of who did what and when!
  • Print and export to excel options.

3. Mobile connectivity

  • Jazzy and user friendly mobile applications for Android, iPhones and Blackberry.
  • rms-mobile-app
  • Applications for android and iPads.
  • Consolidated / summary reports on mobiles typically useful for managers and CXOs.

4. Configuration

  • Device configuration with support for multiple protocols.
  • config
  • Facility of device template creation.
  • Alarm configuration, with site wise association of contacts for sending SMS and emails.

5. Secure and scalable

  • 128-bit encrypted communication for secure data transfer.
  • Data storage in encrypted format to avoid data loss.
  • Scalable for up to 10,000 devices.

6. User management

  • User specific access control giving flexibility of limited control to operators.
  • Customized manager oriented view for statistical analysis.
  • User can be associated with multiple sites.

Architecture M2M2H_small

Field connectivity devices connect-me data-logger zigbee pro-rf bt converso serial-plc