Security Solutions

There are many different aspects to security and Maven has expertise in most of these. Physical security (restricted / authorized access) is needed for industrial / commercial complexes, residential areas, or individual apartments. Security of assets (guarding against theft) is required in hospitals, malls, public places, or warehouses. Digital security is needed to ensure privacy of your data that is stored, transmitted, read, reported and so on.

Maven Systems has some solutions / skills to address all of the above and more. You will find the details below.

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Physical security

Basic (low cost)
Automatic perimeter surveillance is based on variety of sensors - motion detectors, PIR sensors, inertia sensors (glass breakage, cutting / breaking windows, doors, grills, etc), vibration sensors, motion detectors, etc. The home / office to be secured is equipped with these sensors at the periphery and all the data is collected in to the electronic security system. The security system is further equipped with logic related to working hours, holidays, condition when nobody is at home, etc. This allows the system to raise an alarm in case of unauthorized entry using any one or more of SMS, e-mail, phone call and chat. System, being highly modular and scalable, can support up to 64 sensors in steps of 8. Optional modules include a remote control, cell phone integration, pin-pad for entering password, smart cards, biometric (fingerprint or retina scan) and so on.

Advanced (rich feature set)
Basic system can be equipped with cameras for taking video clips in case of intrusion. This allows one to actually capture the face of the thief which is a great help in apprehending him. System can have up to 8 cameras in the models of 1, 2, 4 and 8. The captured video can be stored locally as well as uploaded to a secure remote location. Optional modules include support for face recognition, WiFi, 3G, USB and other wireless technologies.

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Security of assets

Stationary asset
This area is especially of relevance to places where people have free access but the assets need to be guarded. Examples are wheel chairs, electronic items and portable equipment in a hospital or kiosks, TVs and other high value items in a mall. Maven allows you to keep track of these assets and raise an alarm in case someone tries to remove these from the premises / authorized area.

Assets on the road
These assets include cars being transported from factory to dealers, cash being carried to ATMs, expensive consumer goods (say LCD TVs) being taken to shops, petroleum products transported in tankers to pumps and so on. These products are typically high value and while on the road need to be monitored in real time for theft, adulteration, careful handling, etc. Maven's solution covers real-time tracking of the vehicles, video feed, SMS / call alarms and alerts in case the vehicle leaves pre-approved path (geo-fence) and more.

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Digital Security

Maven possesses expertise in use of digital certificates for encryption and signing to ensure privacy and authentication of the data. Solutions delivered for this are on the desktop, mobile and embedded platforms.