VxWorks Development


Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd. has strong BSP and application development expertise on VxWorks. We have developed applications in following domains: aerospace and defense, networking, consumer electronics, robotics, industrial applications, precision medical instruments, navigation and telematics systems in automobiles. Our experience includes development on VxWorks 5.x and 6.x along with support for 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Our experience on VxWorks 6.9 include OS development with support for 32-bit and 64-bit systems for single and multi-core (SMP and AMP version) system.

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VxWorks Boot loader

VxWorks is capable to work in combination with any one of the following three boot-loaders:

Our team of VxWorks experts can help you in selection of appropriate boot-loader for your target system.

We have experience in developing VxWorks boot-loader on variety of embedded targets. VxWorks provides two ways to implement VxWorks boot-loader - BootRom and BootApp profile system image. BootRom is used for ROM resident boot-loaders, whereas BootApp profile is a preferred option of boot-loader for RAM images. We have expertise in building boot-loader with both of these options.

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Complete board support package (BSP)

We develop the Board Support Package (BSP) by understanding the hardware components of the target system, the data flow, interrupts and memory maps. Our VxWorks experts can analyze your custom hardware and create an optimized board support package for the target.

Essentially, what you get from us is a complete board support package (BSP) and device drivers for on-chip as well as on-board peripherals that enables application software to communicate effectively with hardware and low-level system components.

Our latest development highlight includes a complete VxWorks 6.9 BSP package for dual core ARM based SoC with SMP support.

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VxWorks driver development

We have core competence in in-depth understanding of variety of hardware peripherals. This enables us for developing model peripheral device drivers for VxWorks system which are either VxBus sub-system compliant or legacy.

Our portfolio for VxWorks peripheral device drivers developed by us include:

Peripheral device drivers:

Bus drivers:

Storage devices:

Auxiliary devices:

VxWorks validation test suite and driver test applications

VxWorks provides an efficient way to test the complete BSP and supported peripheral drivers using its validation test suite aka VTS. The VTS system runs a long list of test cases for VxWorks OS running over target hardware. The VTS client component on host machine communicates with the VTS server on VxWorks target over network or serial.

It is mandatory to pass all test cases using validation test suite to get VxWorks BSP certification from WindRiver.

We have experience with running the VTS on target machine as well as writing custom test scripts for VTS for additional test cases to be run through validation test suite.

Apart from validation test suite, we do also develop test applications for VxWorks device drivers.